Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi, I'm Annie. Here are a few things you might need to know.

Fashion history is the name of the game in these parts. I love clothing, costumes, and history, and I want to increase my expertise on the history of fashion. As I research, I'll blog about what I find. If that doesn't already sound fun to you, I'll also serve up heavy doses of personality with a sharp slaw of witticisms on the side. Sound good to you? Then stick around for tons of girly, nerdy fun.

I hope to start something called "Decade Wednesdays" in which I research one decade a week and blog about it on Wednesday. For this first leg of the Decade Wednesday journey, I'll start out in 1790, the beginning of the Regency Era in Britain, and work my way to the 1950's. From there, who knows?

In addition to Decade Wednesday, I'll be blogging about whatever costume/fashion history subject strikes my fancy. Perhaps costume analysis of period pieces will happen. I will definitely reference Jane Austen way, WAY more than is necessary.

This blog is not going to be perfectly 100% historically accurate. I don't pretend to be a scholar, I'm just a nerd with a weird hobby. I can't promise that a bit some a lot of my information won't come from Wikipedia. I do want this blog to be a good learning tool, both for me and for anyone who happens to read it. If you spot any historical inaccuracies, drop me a comment, and I'll make it all better.

I tend to use a lot of images while blogging, and I will be drawing heavily from other articles on the web. I will do my best to credit everything that isn't mine. If you happen to be passing through my blog and see something that's yours and isn't credited, leave me a comment, and I'll fix it. Click on image and article sources at your own risk- I can control what I put on my own blog, not other people's.

Well, now that the business side of things is taken care of, I guess I should actually start working on my good intentions. Buh-bye now!


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  1. The only stuff I'm good at 12th century. This will be fun to read. ^_^



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