Once upon a time, there was a nerdy girl who loved history, fashion, and learning, among many other things. She decided to try blogging about it.

Things You Need to Know About this Blog
  1. Fashion history is the name of the game- I'll blog about my research and any fashion history topics that strike my fancy, as well as a post in a current blog series every Wednesday.
  2. I am not a professional fashion historian, I don't pretend to know everything. I blog as I learn. If you see anything that's incorrect, drop me a comment and I'll make it all better.
  3. I'm a visual person. I use tons of images when I blog. I try to source every image I use. If there isn't a source link under the image, that's probably because the link to the source is on the image somewhere. If you see an image that belongs to you that isn't sourced or that you want taken down, drop me a comment and I'll fix it.
  4. My posts tend to be a culmination of many wonderful sources available on the internet. Again, I try to source every article I use. Refer to item 3 if you wrote an article and see it here without a source.
  5. I promise to keep it clean here on the blog, but I'm not responsible for any shenanigans up to which my sources may get. Follow source links at your own risk.
  6. I don't blog about undies. That's just the way it is.


  1. Miss Annie, your blog is magnificent! Je adore le coutre (sorry, have to use French in concardance with fashion) and I love the set up.

    Your friend at 7 Days with the Bennet Girls,
    Miss G. Russel ;)

  2. Miss Russel! How nice to see that you've found my little collection of writings. I thank you for your compliments, and I hope you enjoy. :)




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